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Mixed Berry Eton Mess8
Mixed berry eton mess

One of my favourite desserts ever is the classic and simple Eton Mess. I like to think of it as a deconstructed pavlova

Chocolate Crunchie Slice1
Chocolate crunchie slice

Chocolate Crunchie Slice October 7, 2014 by laurenm83 20 Comments I really need to work on my willpower. Whilst we w

How To Make Tim Tam Cake2
How to make tim tam cake

How To Make Tim Tam Cake - Tim Tam Cake is a favorite Cake in Aussie. And today, i will give you ways to make this Cake

Banana Raspberry Muffins71
Banana raspberry muffins

Do you know what's so special about these muffins? (Besides the fact that they look and taste awesome?) You can make the

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Malteser and Mars Bar Slice89
Malteser and mars bar slice

I will start with an apology – this possibly is the most amazing and naughty slice I have ever made, and if you can stop

Thermomix Sponge Cake210
Thermomix sponge cake

Yes! You can make a sponge cake in the Thermomix. The recipe is one I normally make in my beloved Kitchen Aid. It has ne

Sundried Tomato Risotto with Chicken, Mushroom and Maple Roasted Pumpkin25
Sundried tomato risotto with chicken, mushroom and maple roasted pumpkin

One of the meals I cooked this week and mentioned earlier was this risotto. For me, risotto is always a winner. You can

Macaron glossary

Here is a handy glossary of Macaron terms, it should explain a few things Macaron Glossary Bag ties Rubber bands that

Thermomix Ratatouille6
Thermomix ratatouille

Soft, yielding aubergines/eggplants. Firm and fragrant courgettes/zucchini. Juicy tomatoes, zesty herbs and the crunch o

Honey Soy Chicken26
Honey soy chicken

 Print this recipe500g diced chicken thigh fillet¼ cup marmalade½ cup honey½ cup kecap manis¼ soy sauce2cm fresh ginger1

Yum Yum Balls6
Yum yum balls

METHOD1. Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.2. Shape into small balls and roll in some extra coconut.3. Chill f

Caramello Slice18
Caramello slice

I am a total self-confessed chocoholic. There is no doubt that I love chocolate. If we lived in medieval times, there’s

Quick Chocolate Sorbet20
Quick chocolate sorbet

Being dairy-free makes it difficult sometimes when you're craving chocolate desserts - they all seem to have milk or cre

Mexican Chicken and Rice1
Mexican chicken and rice

This was probably one of the first recipes I ever converted when I first got my Thermomix and it has been made a number

Raw Cacao Treat Balls146
Raw cacao treat balls

These yummy little treat balls are a firm favourite at our house - the kids love snacking on them for morning tea, and t

ThermoFun – Mars Bar Fudge Recipe7
Thermofun – mars bar fudge recipe

Last month I put on my blog a wicked recipe that was included on the first ThermoFun Cook Along, so I thought I would pu

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