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The most frequently asked questions

1. How does work? adds recipes from major food sites in Australia, as well as recipes from food bloggers who choose to sign up and add their recipes to our index, which we retrieve through RSS feeds. A visitor to searches for the recipe they are looking for and are able to find results from major food sites as well as blogs in the search results. They then click through to the food site or blog to read the complete recipe. In other words, is a specialised search engine for recipes.
2. Why should I join with my food blog? is one more way for you to receive relevant traffic to your blog. Many of our users go straight to to browse recipes from food sites and blogs. We deliver thousands of visitors each day to food bloggers and sites.
3. What is this widget that you want me to add to my blog?
The member widget contains html which makes it possible for us to measure your blog's traffic for our food blog top. It's not a requirement that you add the widget for us to index your recipes. However, it needs to be added if you want your blog to show on the blog top list. The widget also contains a link to, so that your visitors can find the origin of the badge.
4. If I add my blog, will you use my content?
Yes, to some degree we have to. To be able to properly show your relevant recipes in the search results, we use parts of your recipe title, a small part of the main content and the first image you have used to accompany it. All this information we get from your blog's RSS feed and we then link directly to your post with the recipe. We never use your full content and in order to read your full recipe the user has to visit your blog.
5. Do you use so called no-follow links to the blogs and sites?
Yes, we do, just like many other sites that link out to a lot of external websites (Wikipedia, Google, Youtube etc.). The reason why we use this attribute is that we do not want to affect the bloggers' possibilities to rank in search engines, in any way. This is a common standard for larger sites and search engines that link out a lot to other websites. You can read more about no-follow links here
6. How will the no-follow links affect my blog ranking in search engines?
The idea with using no-follow links is to not affect ranking whatsoever. Your blog will not get better rankings in search engines because of the links from and it will not get worse rankings either. This is why sites like Wikipedia, Youtube and Google, to name a few, use the no-follow attribute, to make sure that their links will not be up for debate on causing websites to rank good or bad in search engines.
7. If I notice that my blog recipes are on your site without my consent, what should I do?
If you notice that your recipes are on our site and you never wanted this to happen, please send us an email and we will remove your recipes as soon as we have confirmed that you are the owner.
8. If I join with my food blog, can I choose to leave the site later?
Yes, of course. All you have to do is email us on info@ and let us know that you no longer wish to have your recipes in our index.
9. How are blogs ranked on the Top Food Blogs list?
There are four criteria by which blogs are ranked on the Top Food Blogs list: * Total number of recipes (15%) * Number of recipes added during the current week (15%) * Total number of visits since the blog joined (35%) * Number of visits during the current week (35%) The blogs are ranked according to each of these criteria separately. For any given criteria, the blog with the best metric gets 10 points and the blog with the worst gets zero. The score is then attributed to other blogs by simple linear interpolation. After the four criteria are computed, they are weighted with the percentages shown above to yield the final score.
10. Why can’t I see all my recipes on your site?
We can only index those recipes that are listed in your RSS feed. If you want us to index more of your posts, you need to change the configuration to your feed so that it contains more content. Once this is done, we can start indexing more, or all, of your recipes.
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