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Ayam masak pedas (hot and spicy chicken)

When I saw this dish at Azie Kitchen, it reminded me of Ayam Masak Merah. It has the same red fiery..

Nasi minyak kelantan (kelantan ghee rice)

..sily eat two plates of Nasi Minyak if it is served with Ayam Masak Merah, Ayam Masak Pedas or Kuzi Ayam..

Ikan percik merah

..t familiar with Kelantan food. I have been referring to Azie Kitchen for guidance on Kelantan Cooking and ..


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Ginger honey blackpepper roasted chicken

  ..oasted ChickenRecipe source : Adapted from Azie KitchenIngredients :- 4 large chicken legsMarinade ingredi..

Laksa johor

  There are many Laksa varieties in Malaysia. Almost every States has their own version of laksa.This laksa is a signature..

Pajeri nenas stail kelantan (kelantan style pineapple pajeri)

  ..paste. I have only eaten it once or twice. According to Azie, this Kelantan version is simple, very much like aca..

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Recipes for kitchen

The kitchen reader cookie exchange - rum balls

  ..Comfort suggested a Christmas Cookie Exchange for the Kitchen Reader members. So while these aren't cookies they..

Easy kitchen hacks for a great homemade brunch

  + ENLARGE  We're all about saving a few minutes in the morning. If we wanted to wait for weekend breakfast, we'd ..

A kitchen garden diary: november 2012 + mayo-free potato salad

  This is a lengthy post – skip straight to the recipe by clicking here. My garden appears very different to last month, n..

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Recipes for ayam

Kuzi ayam (kelantan style chicken curry)

  ..Acar.There are two version of this curry, chicken (Kuzi Ayam) and beef (Kuzi Daging). I have been searching for t..

Ayam golek gaya pahang (pahang style spicy grilled chicken)

  I've cooked Ayam Golek before and I realize that there are a few variations of this dish within the states in Mal..

Nyonya ayam sioh/ chicken in coriander and beanpaste sauce

  ..eceiving" ... I would apply both 'saying' to this dish. Ayam Sioh is a Nyonya Dish. One look at the dish ~ one wo..

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