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Guest post: wow your guests with cheat's brandy snaps!

..babe behind Redcliffe Style. Get her to make you these brandy snaps sometime...I love throwing dinner part..

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Food: lemony buttery lace biscuits want to make them again. They are so crispy, like a brandy snap, but with a twist of lemon. Delicious. ..


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Recipes for brandy

Brandied custard and fruit mince tart, 500 posts and a giveaway

  ..e shell (bought or home made)1 1/2 cups raisins180ml brandyzest of 1/2 an orange2 egg yolks3 eggs75g sugar375ml w..

Brandied blueberries & white choc chip brownies !!

  .. unsalted butter, softened225g/8oz brown sugar 1/3 cup brandy225g/8oz blueberry's 1 tsp vanilla extract1 egg 170g..

Brandied shrimp

  .. tablespoon chopped fresh oregano leaves 2 tablespoons brandy 2 tablespoons chopped flat-leaf parsley Serves: 4 ..

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Recipes for snap

Snappy, snapper, pie!

  ..Australia…) What else can I tell you, other than this Snapper Pie is tasty! It’s a nice mid season dish, whether..

Snapper tagine

  ..ith a sesame dipping sauce and these irresistible baby snapper. I raced home (before I bought any more fish), and..

Vanilla snap cookies

  .. biscuits we make them together.This recipe for Vanilla Snap biscuits are perfect for making a big batch and stor..

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Recipes for basket

Market basket wrap up

  So I figured I might try doing a weekly wrap featuring a bit of this and that including what I bought at the markets in ..

Easter basket sugar cookies

  .. and so I recently made some of these delicious Easter Basket Sugar Cookies to share with them.   They are just s..

College student easter basket

  When we think of Easter baskets we usually think of kids. At least I do, since I have four. But what about older ..

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Recipes for fillings

Purple sweet potato bun with red bean paste fillings

  ..t  and fluffy till the next day . I made some without fillings for WB.  The rest I filled them with red bean past..

Clearjel: canned fruit pie fillings

  ..Jel. Instant ClearJel is suitable for puddings, cream fillings and custard.    What do you use canned fruit pie f..

Moist chocolate cake with white chocolate cheese fillings a moist chocolate cake with white chocolate cheese fillings. Old post taken from Elinluv's Tidbits Corner . Yo..

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