Girello roast recipes

Afghan roast beef with garlic yoghurt sauce

700 g-1 kg piece roast beef or girello, 2-4 tablespoons Afghan Rub spice mix, Olive oil spray, Afghan Rub, 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon


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Recipes for girello

The farmers fair

  ..'S CORNED BEEF HASH CAKES:Last week we bought a Corned Girello (amongst other loveliness) from Lizette of Wariald..

Vince garreffa's garlic and parsley breadcrumb braciole with mushrooms

  8 x thin single slices of Yearling Beef Girello, breadcrumbs, continental parsley, garlic, white wine

Panserotti mezzaluna alla vincenzo

  6 to 8 single slices of yearling girello, 40gm Prosciutto Diced Small, 30gm Bacon Diced Small, 30gm Breadcrumbs, 150gm Cooked Spinach Finely Chopped

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Recipes for roast

Slow-roasted shoulder of lamb

  ..nt to slide a shoulder of lamb into the oven and slowly roast it all through the lazy day. The gentle sun that ha..

Curried roasted cauliflower salad

  ..alad but then it took some twists and turns.My Curried Roasted Cauliflower SaladTake 1 cup of cashews, 2 spoonful..

Chunky roasted red capsicum, semi-dried tomato, artichoke & cashew dip

  ..arinated artichoke hearts, drained160g raw cashews (or roasted if you prefer)20-30g extra virgin olive oiljuice o..

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