Steamed lemon pudding thermomix recipes

Steamed almond chocolate muffins

My children aren't a big fan of lemon so I decided to make chocolate version of Quirky Jo's Almond, Lemon,..

What do you do with lots of eggs and a thermomix? from the EDC Creme brûlée Bachelor Baked Beans with steamed eggs zuchini slice lemon butter mini quiche..

Christmix gift giving, thermo style 2012

..ugh, but someone has to go! I still have about 80,000 Thermomix owners out there to sell FFS to, so at the tip of..

Almond, lemon & coconut steamed puddings {grain free, dairy free}

..decided to experiment with a grain free recipe for the steamed lemon and coconut puddings we make a..

The challenge - tuesday week 1

..herbs from the garden (bay, oregano and basil) in the Thermomix.Use as a pizza sauce on Turkish bread halves. Top..

Thermofun – every day cookbook – differences between old and new versions

...  With the $25 offer in place (ends March 31st) from Thermomix Australia to purchase the new one, I thought this..

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Quick and easy
Converting recipes for the thermomix

..een on Masterchef and Iron Chef Australia lately, the Thermomix is invaluable for cutting down time of food prepa..

Menu plan, party food, camp cooking and more...

..iet meals)... plus I've been really, really busy with Thermomix demos... so I haven't had much time for blogging!..


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