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Chicken liver pate mousse

Chicken Liver Pate If you have already purchased Merry Christmix; A collection of Festive recipes 2012 th..

Tasmanian salmon pate

Tasmanian Salmon Pate This was a quick whip up on a whim one weekend when I needed something other than cheese t..

Rawsome 'desserts in the raw' workshop

..and a huge amount of coconut oil. There are multiple thermomixes, large fridges, and the ovens are used for stora..

Raw zucchini pasta with walnut & mushroom sauce {vegan} the recipe that came out of my memories of Mushroom Pate... The original recipe had neufchatel or cream chees..

Thermofun – tim tam chocolate cake recipe

Okay so this is the story about the Thermomix Chocolate Cake Recipe with TIM TAM’S! (recipe here http://www.taste..

Hot cross bunnies

.. out. You won’t be disappointed.  I am also about to participate in a HUGE giveaway through my Facebook page. Ple..

Home made soy milk

..r hay fever and I suffered badly. My hay fever didn't dissipate once Summer came. It went through to Autumn and W..

Thermofun – flourless & butterless orange cake recipe

..o take home as I’m sure I could just whip it up in my Thermomix in about 30 seconds!  Thank you Emer!  We think o..

The butterfingers princess tart and hot cross buns comes to #adelaide

..ingers Adelaide owners Donny and Catherine, I got to participate in a fun-filled night of making #yelpshinybuns a..

It’s been busy around here a vote or pay a fine as it ensures that everyone participates in democracy. Because of voting, there weren’t a..

40 tips from mums to get through tight times

..ep the mixture in a spray bottle.  The vinegar smell dissipates after a while.  Try our home made Citrus Peel Cle..

Lemon myrtle & thyme vegan shortbread

..emon Myrtle & Thyme Vegan Shortbread Last month I participated in the delightful Sweet Swap which involved maki..

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