Thermomix tiramisu recipes

Christmix gift giving, thermo style 2012

..ugh, but someone has to go! I still have about 80,000 Thermomix owners out there to sell FFS to, so at the tip of..


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Recipes for thermomix

Thermomix sponge cake

  Yes! You can make a sponge cake in the Thermomix. The recipe is one I normally make in my beloved Kitchen Aid. It..

Delicious thermomix chocolate cake

  This recipe has been adapted from one on the Thermomix Forum. It's such a great recipe and so many members have h..

Homemade thermomix muesli bars

  .. need a fast meal. As you can probably tell I love my Thermomix and preparing everything from scratch. I cannot p..

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Recipes for tiramisu

Tiramisu...for breakfast?

  ..elishing every single bite. It is 6:20am. I am having Tiramisu for breakfast. Yes, this very morning. Phong Hong!..


  ..y cake. How much more grown-up can you get but with a Tiramisu! Booze, caffeine and sugar - what a combo! This ca..

Tiramisu without eggs

  Tiramisu is an easy cake that comes from Italy. It is usually made ​​with layers of sponge fingers dipped i..

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